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10 things worth knowing about diamonds

10 things to know about diamonds

There’s hardly anything more beautiful and precious on Earth than a diamond formed of black coal. We are all mesmerized by its unmatched beauty, elegance, and history, yet we know so little about it. We would like to share with you the ten most important and useful information that’s worth knowing about it.

    Diamond forms of pure carbon atoms in an extremely rigid crystal structure, into one of the hardest naturally occurring materials on Earth. It has the highest score, 10, on Mohs’ hardness scale of minerals. It does not scratch or wears away and your diamond ring will forever shine bright if you take good care of it.

    Diamond originates from the Greek word “adamas’ meaning unconquerable. The first mentions about gifting a diamond go back all the way to the 15th century and it is still the symbol of eternal love ever since. In ancient Greece, diamonds were considered to be the teardrops of the gods falling on Earth.

    Diamonds are created at least 150 km deep down in the crust of the Earth over billions of years at extremely high pressure and a 1000 degree Celsius. Volcanic eruptions brought the diamonds closer to the surface over the millions of years, from where they are mined today.
    Interesting fact: it can also happen, very rarely, that a meteor hits the Earth and the high pressure and temperature make way for the precious gemstones to be formed.

    Diamonds occur in many different colours in nature, such as yellow, brown, blue, green, purple, and black too. The whiter the diamond, the more it’s worth, although some very expensive, unique colours also exist, like blue or pink. The most precious diamonds are colourless, but most of them have a little yellowish tint. Colours are marked in many different ways, the most commonly used scale is the one with the letters of the alphabet, starting with D that marks the clearest, highest quality diamonds.

    Diamonds are priced per ct (short for carat), which represents the weight of the stone. One carat (1 ct) equals 0,20 grams. Weighing is done in great punctuality to three decimal places and the third number can only be rounded up if it’s a 9. Certificates include the weight to two decimal places.
    Interesting fact: extremely valuable coloured diamonds over 10 carat only surface maybe once a year in the whole world.

    A diamond’s fire is the mesmerizing sparkle we all love about these precious gems. When the gemstone is exposed to light it breaks it down to different colours and reflects it back. Diamonds have an excellent refractive index, and with the right shaping, it will perfectly reflect the light back. To create the well-known round shape diamond, 57 facets are cut to the surface and so when the light enters the stone the facets break it to the colour spectrum and reflect it back to create the most amazing diamond fire. The round shape diamond is able to reflect back 100% of the light.

    Diamonds are assessed and certified based on four standards (4C), that highly influence their price: cut, carat weight, clarity, and colour.

    Apart from the 4C’s, trademark, date, and signature that every certification includes, further details can also be included in the certificate such as size, fluorescence, and a map of the interior or exterior flaws. The certificate guarantees the origin and quality of the diamond.

    The clarity of a diamond is determined by the absence of flaws. During grading the diamond is viewed under a 10x microscope to check for inclusions (flaws) that can lower the quality, reduce the transparency, and effect the colour of the stone. A flawless diamond – without any internal or external flaws – is the rarest of rare.

    Diamond’s thermal conductivity is six times better than copper’s. This can be used both in determining the authenticity of a diamond and in nanotechnology.
    X-ray technology helps to detect diamonds hiding inside rocks of volcanic origin as diamonds irradiated and activated by X-rays emit light in the optical spectrum.
    Fog test: place the stone in front of your mouth and, like a mirror, fog it up with your breath. If the stone stays fogged for a few seconds, then it’s probably a fake. A real diamond won’t fog up easily.
    Newspaper test: The newspaper test is most effectively used on loose diamonds, because of the refraction of light, you won’t be able to see clearly through it and make out the letters on the paper
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Advent – how many days till Christmas?

Advent and Christmas at Moni's Jewelry

Advent means coming, arrival.
Every year December is filled with a special, joyful atmosphere of awaiting Christmas and the end of the year.
The world is dressed up to glittering lights and the warmth of the holidays fills our souls.

This year we wanted to evoke this unique feeling with our one of a kind Advent Calendar inspired by the joy of gifting and the magic of special moments.
Until Christmas we reveal a beautiful Moni’s jewelry each day, to help you find the perfect one that will make your loved one smile.

Follow us on Instagram and open a new window of our calendar every day at 6 pm till December 24 and by Christmas, one of Budapest’s most iconic buildings will reveal itself with our warm holiday wishes.

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The history of diamond engagement rings

A diamond is forever

Engagement is one of the happiest moments in a relationship, as love is a feeling we were born with, a fulfillment that accompanies us throughout our lives. When a man asks his future bride’s hand he gives a ring to his sweetheart as a token of love, showing that she said yes. The purity and brilliance of a diamond has became the symbol of a man’s deep commitment and love, all around the world.

 The first recorded diamond engagement ring was gifted in 1477 by Austrian Archduke Maximillian to his fiancée, Mary of Burgundy, and became a status symbol among the European aristocracy and nobility.
Later, the Victorians popularized ornate engagement rings and paired diamonds with other gemstones, precious metals, and enamels.

A Diamond is Forever

In 1947, De Beers Group fundamentally changed the meaning of diamonds in today’s modern society, with the slogan “a Diamond Forever,” which has become a classic and generated unprecedented sales. With the slogan, De Beers endowed the diamond with a new emotion, because if it is eternal, then so is the love sealed with it. 

Diamonds in the past, present and future hold the meaning of belonging to one another and cherishing beloved memories, as there is nothing better than to love and to be loved.

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Moni’s Moments: Fanni & Tibi

Moni's Moments: Fanni és Tibi esküvő

We had the pleasure to meet Fanni & Tibi during the annual Budapest Wedding Fair in January 2020.
They soon visited our Budapest Premium Brand Store to seal their love with a unique pair of rings – designed together with Moni’s Jewelry – that shines as bright as their love for each other.

Heartfelt congratulations to them on their spectacular wedding!
It was a huge honor and joy for us to be part of their journey and their very special day.

Fanni’s & Tibi’s thoughts on Moni’s Jewelry:

“We are very happy that we chose your company and feel lucky that we have stopped at your wedding exhibition stand. We would like to say a very special thank you to Zoltán Kastély, who helped us all the way from the very first moment.
We were absolutely pleased with the entire design process and our rings, which represent our love perfectly.”

Let’s take a peek at the special day of Fanni & Tibi >

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Moni’s Jewelry is modern

The world has accelerated. There is less and less time for each other. The real challenge in life is the real celebration of the celebration, to live the experience of belonging somewhere and to someone, the realization of moments spent together, the meals shared together, the programs planned together. The time we have is ours, no one can take that away from us, and so it is our decision to spend with those who are important in our lives.

The life of Moni’s Jewelry has also accelerated. We have to keep up, we need to be able to change, we need to move forward, we start new adventures, and we need to step out into the big world. Therefore, the moment has come to create our webshop with deep care, careful planning, and lots and lots of love to ensure that you can choose from the comfort of your home as quickly as you want at any time of the day, yet with Moni’s quality, from more than 8,000 mesmerizing jewels.

Giving is joy, the moment is magical, and the memory is eternal. An eye-catching, bright smile, a sincere thank you is what we are and what we want to be, as a diamond gem adds a piece of eternity to the most beautiful moments of our lives.

Fill your everyday life with love, put a smile on each other’s faces, and gift each other with a piece of jewelry that tells a story.

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Safety measures at Moni’s Jewelry

Premium diamond jewelry brand store

Moni’s Jewelry

At Moni’s Jewelry stores we remain deeply committed to the health and safety of our customers and employees. Our goal is to ensure that customers spend their time with us according to the right precautions, in an elegant environment and in a pleasant atmosphere.

Online shopping

It is important to us that we give our customers the opportunity to access Moni’s Jewelry’s quality from the comfort of their own homes, so we have carefully designed a webshop by which they can easily choose from nearly 8,000 captivating pieces of jewelry for all occasions and all their loved ones.

Keeping distance

The Moni’s Jewelry Premium Brand Store in Budapest is two-storey, therefore customers can consult with our jewelry experts at ease and at a suitable distance from each other.


Upon arrival of each of our customers, our colleagues put on a disposable mask that is replaced after the time of the customer’s departure.


Our team pays special attention to the disinfection of stores, and hand sanitizer is available for our customers.