Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions.

I. The Provider

1.  The www.monis.hu online store is operated by S-Gold Kft. (henceforth: “Provider”).
2.  The Provider’s company name: S-Gold Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság. The shortened name of the Provider: S-Gold Kft.
3.  The Provider is based in: 3700 Kazincbarcika, Egressy Béni út 16.
4.  As declared by the Hungarian Trade Licensing Office, the Provider (company registration number:05-09-001523, registered in 1991.11.01. at the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Court as acting registry court (3700 Kazincbarcika, Egressy út 16.), VAT no.: 10636415-2-05) under registration number C/0509001523/1991, by law can pursue mail-order activity. Registration number needed for the trade of precious metals: PR2271

II. Using the service

1.  Orders on the monis.hu online store can only be conducted electronically, through the internet at the www.monis.hu web address. Orders by telephone, fax, e-mail, or letter are not accepted by the Provider. Information about the orders are also sent to the users from the Provider electronically. Registration is needed to conduct an order. Users who have prior registrations have the opportunity to modify their data before making the order. The order qualifies as an unsigned contract made on the internet, its content will be archived and will be accessible and searchable afterwards.
2.  If the ordered product is not available, the Provider immediately gives notice to the user and if any amount has already been transferred as a pre-payment through the internet, Provider shall transfer the amount back to the buyer, within a maximum of 30 days from the notice.
3.  The 17/1999. (II.5). government edict contains the laws and regulations concerning the right to waiver the conducted orders.

3/1. According to the 17/1999. (II. 5.) Government edict, the buyer can waiver the purchase without explanation, within 8 days from receiving the product. If the buyer hasn’t received a written confirmation within this time limit, the waiver right can be exercised in 8 days from receiving the confirmation, and in a maximum of 3 moths after receiving the product. In case of a written waiver, sending the declaration within 8 working days is sufficient.

3/2. Date of receipt is the time of receiving the ordered product, in case of delivery it is the date of the receipt from the courier, in case of postal delivery it is the date of receipt in the post office. These dates can be verified with the receipts given at the acceptance.

3/3. Send the unharmed product accompanied by the invoice, or the copy of the invoice, on own expense to S-Gold Kft.’s address (1089 Budapest, Gaál Mózes 5-7. III.em.322-323. ajtó),  and within 30 days we will reimburse you with the price of the purchased products. In case of waiver,buyer is only burdened by the fee of sending back the product.

3/4. The reimbursement does not apply to the delivery fee.

3/5. Accepting Collect packages is not possible.

3/6. In case the buyer already used the product and can not send it back to our company unharmed, we do not offer to buy back the product.

3/9. Provider can claim the reimbursement of fixing damages stemming from the  improper use of the product.
4.  Provider’s warranty and guarantee duties are stated in the Civil Code and the 49/2003. (VII.30.) GKM statute.
5.  If the ordered product is flawed, or was damaged during delivery, our company will replace it free of charge. If replacement is not an option, buyer can choose whether to receive a price reduction or waiver the purchase.
6.  Provider will do everything in order to provide the most accurate data (product price, availability, description, etc.) on the website. In case of the occurrance of any errors, the Provider’s duties are stated in the 17/1999. (II.5.) government edict, and in the Civil Code.

7.  User is fully responsible for every order and transaction which involves him or her using his or her password. With regards to this, please pay attention to keep your password properly safe. This responsibility doesn’t apply when the password falls into unauthorized hands through no fault of the user. Provider is not liable for damages deriving from incomplete orders, delays, shutdown of the service, and/or any harm stemming from the loss of company of personal information, or any other damages caused by financial loss.
8.  The Provider’s delivery partner is Magyar Posta Zrt. in confines of the MPL Business logistics service (henceforth: MPL). The MPL will attempt to hand over the delivery two times to the recipient. If the first attempt is not successful, the MPL will leave behind a notice of the arrival of the delivery and the attempt. If the recipient’s phone number is indicated on the address line, the MPL will make arrangements concerning the time and place of the second attempt. If the second attempt is not successful either, the MPL will leave a notice once again, on which it will indicate the post office, and guarding time, where and within the recipient can collect the delivery (guarding time, 10 calendar days).
9.  If the buyer does not collect the ordered product within the provided time limit, the product will be sent back to the Provider. In this case, the buyer can waiver the purchase, but the Provider will transfer the amount left after subtracting the delivery fees. The buyer can also decide to ask for the re-delivery of the product, however, in this case the fee of the delivery back to the Provider and the fee of the re-delivery are charged towards the buyer.
10.  The first delivery will be attempted by Provider and the delivery partner within a maximum of 5 workdays, counted from the order.
11.  The delivery fee, can incidentally differ from the base price (for example: when ordering extra delivery services, or within a special offer from the Provider), but Provider, possibly before the completion of the order, but definitely before the start of the delivery, informs the buyer, who has the chance to decide whether he or she accepts the altered circumstances, or waivers the purchase.

III. Other regulations

1.  The Provider’s system can collect data concerning the users’ activity, which can not be connected to other data provided by the users upon registration, nor with the data arising from the use of other internet websites.
2.  The Provider has the right to send the user newsletters and other ad-letters, if the user has previously, clearly given consent by providing the necessary data during registration. The provider is not liable to check if the data provided during giving this consent is real or correct.
3.  The user can revoke his hor her consent, detailed in point III.2 at any given time. In this case, from then on Provider does not send any kind of newsletter or other ad-letter to the user, and also deletes the user’s data from the user directory of those who are signed onto the newsletter.
4.  Provider considers obligatory onto itself the Code of Ethics by the Hungarian Advertising Association and the Association of Hungarian Content Providers.
5.  Critiques and other connecting opinions always represent the viewpoint of the users, Provider is not liable for their content. Provider reserves the right to delete those opinions which are hurtful to the business interest, or are
6.  User complaint service operates in writing, or on phone, at the monis@monis.hu e-mail address, and the number +36-70-414-43-18 which is working in Provider’s headquarters.