Diamond Expertise

The diamond jewellery adds a piece of eternity to our life’s most precious moments.

One of Moni’s core values includes the source of premium quality precious stones.

Most of the diamonds offered by Moni’s are graded by GIA, IIDGR or Forevermark.


Each diamond – just like a fingerprint – is unique and has certain distinctive features that set each piece apart. The combination of 4C, color, clarity, cut and carat weight, affects the quality and of course the value of a diamond.

For stones above 0.30 ct, the certificate is issued by the internationally known, independent gemstone laboratories: in Europe the HRD (Antwerp Institute of Gemmology), in America, the GIA (Gemological Institute of America Inc.)


The cut of the diamond is the most important of the 4Cs, as the accuracy of the surfaces in different directions determines the sparkle of the gemstone. The purpose of the modern cut is to highlight and perfect the natural properties of a given stone. Stones with ideal proportions, symmetrical facets are perfectly polished, calculated with mathematical accuracy, and are represented as the highest quality. Regardless of the shape, the stone must meet specific quality standards in order to receive an ‘Excellent’ rating.


The clarity of a diamond is based on the colour and amount of inclusions and blemishes in it, as well as the defects caused during the cutting of the stone. Inclusions form as a result of the crystallisation processes that took place over thousands of years. Scratches form on the stone’s surface in case of an imperfect cut. The clarity is checked under a magnification of ten times. The clarity category is determined by the size and frequency of the blemishes seen under magnification.


Diamonds are characterised on a scale from D to Z marked with the letters of the Latin alphabet. The most valuable gems are the “colourless” stones that are perfectly translucent diamonds. Category D is first-class “colourless”, while stones of increasing V colour are classified further on the scale. In addition to the transparent and V shades, stones naturally occur in all colours of the rainbow. Since naturally coloured diamonds are very rare, their value is much higher than the artificially coloured ones.


The weight of a diamond is determined in carats, abbreviated as ‘ct’. The diamond certificate states the weight to the thousandth of a degree. 1 carat equals to 0.2 grams.
It is important to note, however, that the sum of the 4C determines the value of a given stone. Accordingly, the value of two stones with the same carat can vary greatly due to differences in cut, clarity, and colour.


The diamond is cut based on specific geometric, mathematically calculated lines and the aim is to create a geometrically perfect shape with the least possible loss of material, emphasising the natural properties of the raw stone.

The Round brilliant cut is a classic, but up to date shape, accordingly, the most popular cut of diamonds.
The sophisticated shape polished on 57 facets, is ideally completely symmetrical. Its special feature is the intense fire and the iconic tiny rainbows that form in the stone when exposed to light.

The Princess or Square Cut – similar to a round diamond is one of the most popular forms amongst ladies. The princess diamond’s sides form an angle of 90 degrees, making it a square when viewed from above. A diamond with exceptional fire and brilliance.

The Emerald cut compared to ‘princess’ is longer and rectangular. Its special feature is that the parallel lines of cuts give the stone a special depth, which immediately grabs anyone’s attention and highlights the natural clarity and colour of the stone.

The Oval cut is an extremely elegant shape that has the advantage of visually lengthening the fingers and making the stone appear larger than its actual size. A sophisticated choice for those who aim to elegantly express their uniqueness.

A Raindrop or Pear-shaped diamond is a romantic shape that combines the extraordinary play of light while optically lengthening the wearer’s finger. A playful, variable shape that can be worn in two ways according to preference.

The Heart, as the most popular symbol of love, forming diamond polished with perfect symmetry is the choice for the hopeless romantic. A unique and rare piece that shines unparalleled when cut by professional hands.


Nothing can symbolise a couple’s commitment to each other better than the hardest, everlasting, perfectly cut gem of Planet Earth, the diamond.

An essential accessory for an engagement ring is the diamond, which is attached to the ring by a setting. The setting of the stone plays an important role in the looks of the jewellery and greatly determines the style of the ring.

Most popular setting styles

On a Bezel setting, a metal rim surrounds a diamond or gemstone by the girdle to secure it in place. This dramatic setting style can create the illusion of a larger stone.

The Prong style is a classic setting where two or more prongs wrap around the crown of a stone to secure it in place. Also known as a claw setting, this mounting style minimises the amount of metal used, allowing more light to pass through a diamond or gemstone.

In a Channel setting, diamonds or gemstones are secured in place between vertical metal walls, creating a smooth channel. In this contemporary setting, the stones are nestled side by side with no metal in between.

The endless selection of rings offer traditional or modern, classic, or even custom designs to choose from. Whatever your choice may be, at Moni’s, you’re sure to find the ring that best complements your loved one’s taste and personality in every regard.

Most popular ring styles

A Solitaire engagement ring showcases a single main stone. This style highlights the beauty of the diamond. An elegant, traditional, and timeless shape that is ideal for sophisticated, elegant ladies.

On a Solitaire Pave the main stone is paved by several smaller stones on both sides of the ring band, thus giving the jewelry extra sparkle and fire. A classic, yet bold style, for truly glittering personalities.

On the Halo-style ring, the main gemstone is framed by smaller stones all around, especially highlighting the sparkling beauty of the diamond. The modern and trendy, yet tasteful choice on the classic line.

True to their name, Three Stone rings include three main stones, usually in a combination of a larger and two smaller diamonds on the side.
The two side stones can be diamonds or even other gemstones such as sapphires. A Shiny trio, dramatic effect, yet playful and feminine.


Choosing an engagement ring may seem like an overwhelming task. The ring is a symbol of love, which takes the relationship to the next level, therefore the choice is life-changing. For many, choosing an engagement ring is their first experience in jewelry selection. And the first visit to a jewelry store, the overwhelming amount of information about settings, precious metals, and styles, doesn’t make the shopping any easier.

  1. The source of our jewelry is crucial. A trusted, certified diamond store and jewelry expert can help you choose the perfect piece as well as provide a guarantee.
  2. It is important to set your budget in advance so that the selection can be limited to the relevant quality and size. It is recommended that we tailor our budget to the quality of the jewelry rather than the size and carat of the diamond.
  3. Before we begin the selection, be sure to pay close attention to our significant other’s style. Pay close attention to their favourite pieces of clothing, colours, and personalities: these are all factors that will help when selecting the perfect ring. Because every lady is different, the ring should ideally reflect our sweetheart’s personality, be it sporty, sophisticated or playful.
  4. There are two main elements in choosing a ring to suit the desired style. The diamond and the ring itself. You can choose a traditional round or oval cut diamond, or even a bolder heart, drop, or square stone to suit your partner’s taste. In addition to the main diamond, the ring may contain several small or even larger stones made of diamonds or other gemstones like ruby or sapphire.
  5. The ring itself can be made of a variety of coloured gold. Our couple’s skin tone can help you choose the right shade. While white gold or platinum is better for ladies with cool, pink tones, V gold, possibly rose gold jewellery, looks nicer on tan, warm-toned skin.