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Safety measures at Moni’s Jewelry

Premium diamond jewelry brand store

Moni’s Jewelry

At Moni’s Jewelry stores we remain deeply committed to the health and safety of our customers and employees. Our goal is to ensure that customers spend their time with us according to the right precautions, in an elegant environment and in a pleasant atmosphere.

Online shopping

It is important to us that we give our customers the opportunity to access Moni’s Jewelry’s quality from the comfort of their own homes, so we have carefully designed a webshop by which they can easily choose from nearly 8,000 captivating pieces of jewelry for all occasions and all their loved ones.

Keeping distance

The Moni’s Jewelry Premium Brand Store in Budapest is two-storey, therefore customers can consult with our jewelry experts at ease and at a suitable distance from each other.


Upon arrival of each of our customers, our colleagues put on a disposable mask that is replaced after the time of the customer’s departure.


Our team pays special attention to the disinfection of stores, and hand sanitizer is available for our customers.