A precious stone culture that has made Salvini jewelry authentic masterpieces of the Italian goldsmith tradition. Creations, ideas, research and passion that forge the personality of the brand.

Every piece of Salvini jewelry is unique. The gems’ quality, the perfection and the precision of the processing techniques make every jewel unique and recognizable. Moreover, the skillful craftsmanship, the utmost attention to detail, the innovative design, precious raw materials: everything contributes to create real masterpieces of the goldsmith art.

Salvini design and exclusiveness

The very high profile, aesthetic taste and formal equilibrium of Salvini jewelry pieces give it a harmonious beauty that enchants at first glance. Elegance, details, and precision that can be seen in all of Salvini’s creations.

The designers experiment and redesign, continuously inventing new shapes, new geometries, new harmonies, moulding breath-taking masterpieces thanks to their creativity with metals and precious stones.

Every piece of Salvini jewelry is unique. For its beauty, for its charm, for the power with which it transmits joy to those that wear it. It underlines the character of those that select it, it illuminates their personality and adds charm to their style. This is what being exclusive means.

Salvini wedding rings

Right through to the heart. The emotion of the first day, the promise of a lifetime. Salvini reinterprets the wedding ring and transforms it into an object that exudes romance.

Salvini solitaire

Magical. Eternal. Wonderfully vibrant. A diamond is a dream to give to the person you love, and a solitaire is its purest form.

Salvini diamonds

Salvini selects the most luminous diamonds for its jewelry and transforms them into dreams, natural wonders that can make milestones and special occasions unforgettable.

Salvini believes that the art of jewelry crafting goes hand-in-hand with the responsible mining of the materials. This is why it purchases all of its diamonds exclusively from countries that supply “conflict-free” precious stones, in full compliance with the resolutions of the UN, striving not to finance any form of conflict.

In accordance with the Kimberley Process Scheme, Salvini manifests its support for protecting working conditions and respecting human dignity.