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The history of diamond engagement rings

A diamond is forever

Engagement is one of the happiest moments in a relationship, as love is a feeling we were born with, a fulfillment that accompanies us throughout our lives. When a man asks his future bride’s hand he gives a ring to his sweetheart as a token of love, showing that she said yes. The purity and brilliance of a diamond has became the symbol of a man’s deep commitment and love, all around the world.

 The first recorded diamond engagement ring was gifted in 1477 by Austrian Archduke Maximillian to his fiancée, Mary of Burgundy, and became a status symbol among the European aristocracy and nobility.
Later, the Victorians popularized ornate engagement rings and paired diamonds with other gemstones, precious metals, and enamels.

A Diamond is Forever

In 1947, De Beers Group fundamentally changed the meaning of diamonds in today’s modern society, with the slogan “a Diamond Forever,” which has become a classic and generated unprecedented sales. With the slogan, De Beers endowed the diamond with a new emotion, because if it is eternal, then so is the love sealed with it. 

Diamonds in the past, present and future hold the meaning of belonging to one another and cherishing beloved memories, as there is nothing better than to love and to be loved.

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